Our Team


Michele Praught  - CEO, Founder, and Hiker

Michele Praught - CEO, Founder, and Hiker

Michele has worked in both the long term care and long term disability insurance industry.

Former owner of Shelf Life, LLC natural / organic foods distribution company based in the Bay Area of California.

Cultivating a lifelong passion for creating healthy opportunities in nature and food.

Virtual Walkabouts has been selected to participate in the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs Top Gun Program, 2019.


Advisors and Partners

Jeff Griffiths

Jeff is head of Griffiths Media and has over 30 yrs experience in film making, much of it outdoors. His experience as Creative Director for a local news station provides a technical background in interactive video content. Jeff has climbed, skied, surfed, and paddled much of New England. his artistic vision and skills are only matched by his awe of nature.

Reel Maine Company

Grace and Ben are the heart behind a Maine based multimedia company with a worldwide reach. Through their technical expertise and authentic love of outdoors they craft engaging video storytelling providing an immersive nature adventure for Virtual Walkabout clients.

Francine Praught

Product Engagement Guide Content Contributor. Registered Pennsylvania State Naturalist and nature therapy guide. As a naturalist for the county of Lancaster, PA Francine provides expertise on guided nature education and therapy programs.

Advisory Panel of Care Provider Professionals

  • Speech Pathologists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Mental Health Professional

  • Physical therapists

  • Gerontologists

Advisors review facility protocol, procedures, and client capabilities for successful implementation of product.